Sunday, October 11, 2009

you cast your spell and I went under i find it so difficult to leave.

As lively as she is, her home is not as sweet as they would say anymore. So called home sweet home. That is so outdated.

And so today, she went and sat for her FAR 150 test. She skipped one whole 10 marks question, an easy one, that just adds on to her depression. She failed herself. She failed. She felt like screaming.

And finally she met him down the hallway. White. A calm looking face looking back at her depressed one. He soothes her. She is calm when he is around. He's like a painkiller for her, killing every pain that burns deep inside her. She wishes to carry him around, like a good luck charm. OUH, how she wished.

He then sat for his test. She wishes he won't have to because she needed him badly. She waited, with patient until he finishes. She was in awe when she saw him. How much lucky can she be? She loves him so much.

He sent her home. She groaned as they reached her gate. She hated going home. He "kidnapped" her. :D He took her away. She's glad. At least she's away from home, for the time being.

And when finally she really had to go home, she did, with a huge lump in her heart. She needed him. She wanted be with him.

Aza told her, "You finally meet someone who can make you happy. I can see that. I have never seen you happy like when you are with him." Gosh. *Flattered.

Lynn commented, "Syafiq macam best. Macam budak-budak. Tengok muka macam serious tapi bila kenal macam lek-lek." :P

I do love you Muhammad Norsyafiq.

And I wanna be with you, for ever more.


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