Thursday, December 31, 2009

you make my mind and body feel so free .

I went to college today. Can you believe it? After my operation two weeks ago. LOL. My mum dropped me in front of the gate as she would not let me walk around too much. I even have to wear sandals (no more heels). :(

I met with Syafique and he wore white. We didn't planned it so I was so touched. He was so adorable, like if I can do it my way, gobble him up that very minute. *Winks.

I met Chubee very much after I sat with Syafique. Prank called her. LOL. Met Diffan next. I can only remember one line, and one line online.

"Aku dengan Olivia dah jadi best friend kat FB".

LOL. Itu je aku ingat D. :D Then I met Aswad, Dyla, Mira and Aliaa. I hang out at Lynn's place, made Syafique watch me eat lunch at 5 and waited for 40 minutes.

To be honest, I'm glad I get to meet them girls back! :D


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GOBLIN said...

I like your blog!
It's kinda passionate,lol