Thursday, December 31, 2009

and i take my bow , fly by old friend .

Lots had happened in 2009. And thus, lots will happen in 2010. Its the world right? I mean, things just go round and round in circles. What had happened, will happen again, slightly different if possible.

What happened in 2009?
1. Huge crush on Syafique. :D
2. The loss of a great, true and kind friend. Bless you.
3. Passed FAR 100 with an A. :))
4. Mutual relationship with Syafique.
5. Gave him my first materialistic present for his birthday.
6. Became his girl yaww!
7. Passed FAR 150 with an A-. (I still get to gloat about it, my boyfriend is proud of me.)
8. Aza broke up with her long term boyfriend. He's no good anyway babe. You deserve more.
9. Admitted to the hospital of appendectomy and bleeding ruptured corpus luteal cyst.

So many memoirs. *Sniffles. I'm just too sad to say goodbye, with the adding effect where 9 is my favorite number and now we have to say goodbye.

I really hope 2010 will turn out better.



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