Tuesday, January 5, 2010

happy together .

How did it all begin?
- ECO 162. Precious Miss Akidah.
Where did you meet?
- ECO 162.
Was it love at first sight?
- EhMaGod. Yes!
How old were you both?
- I was 19, he was 20.
When did you have your first kiss?
- My own little secret? :P
How long until you met the parents?
- I met them during Eid. :)
When was it official?
- 9th August 2009. 1818 hours.

Whats your happiest memory of him?
- Every memory becomes the happiest memory of him.
What is the sweetest thing he has ever done for you?
- He waited while I was in OT.
Does he buy you lots of gifts?
- I got Johnny!
Whats your favorite thing to do together?
- Talking and talking and talking. :D
When did you know you were falling in love?
- Ehmagod.
Who said I love you first?
- Him. :)
How do you know this is love?
- I knew I was deeply in love when he wanted to back away. I cried. :(
Whats his worst habit?
- Gatal :P
What annoys you about him?
- Everyone needs him as much as I do.
Has he ever hurt you badly?
- Never.
Would he ever cheat?
- I know he won't.
Has he ever cheated?
- While we were inofficial.
Do you trust him?
- Cross my heart and hope to die. LOL.

Best facial feature?
- His cheeks. His lips. His killer eyes.
Favorite part of his body?
- His chest. His shoulder. His arms.
Hair colour?
- Burgundy.
What is he wearing when you picture him in your head?
- His red tee.

How do you feel when he holds you?
- Safe. Protected. Loved.
How do you feel when you fall asleep and wake up in his arms?
- EHmagod. I want that.
How does it feel when he touches you?
- Shy. :)
Does his touch give you goose bumps?
- Sometimes.
Does he kiss your neck?
- Eh, eh, got eh?
Your tummy?
- Not yet.
Your forehead?
- Yes. :))

Could you be without him?
- I can't possibly imagine that now.
Do you think about him constantly when your apart?
- Always.
How long have you been together?
- Almost 5 months.
Can you see a future together?
- Yes. :)
Would you like to get married?
- Duuuh. Obviously.
Have children?
- Yes. I wanna have your babies.
Where can you see your relationship in 5 years time?
- Settling down? :P
Do you know there is definitely no-one better out there for you?
- Yes. He's the one.
How do you know this?
- Heart intuition.
Are you scared he might find someone better?
- He might. :(
Is he your best friend as well as your lover?
- Definitely!
Does he come first over everyone else in your life?
- Right after the love of family. You know, he'll be family too.
Would you die for him?
- Bring it on.
Whats the funniest thing you have ever done together?
- Ehmagod. Too many. :') Geeez.
Say something that only you two understand.
- Ayam jantan dengan kucing.
Do you have nick names for each other?
- Yes. Yes. Our first nick names were "Kecik" and "Comel".
Does he make you laugh?
- All the time.
Do you wrestle?
- No. We punch each other.
Is he ticklish?

The last time you saw him?
- Yesterday.
Kissed him?
- Yesterday.
Spoke to him?
- On the phone at 11 something.
The last text he sent you?
- "Yeah.. Panas gle.. Alergic sket.. Sure dmm nnt.. Pegi dlu k.. Ily.."

See him again?
- Tomorrow. Please oh please.
Speak to him again?
- As soon as he's done with his specs.
Tell him you love him again?
- Then next time I talk to him.

Spent the night together?
- Not yet. :P
Celebrated a holiday together?
- Not yet. :(
Met his parents?
- Yes.
Had naughty time?
- We're mischevious.
Made him cry?
- Yeah? I'm sorry.
Done anything spontaneous together?
- Sure. :)
Is this love?
- Yes it is. :)

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