Sunday, January 31, 2010

as i dip a finger in the sensitive pot of life.

This is a rather sensitive post. Pfft. I'm just, confuse or wonder too much about this issue and it made me post this. No biggie though. Here's a little trend I've been catching up to, so called love triangle. I hope, I WISH I am not stuck in one. I trust him. :)

So, here's the thing. Who to blame? In one case, they ditch they spouse and went out with someone else that's either close to their spouse or some sort of "we're not friends" going on around. How do you cope with the guilt? I can't. I mean, no biggie, we're so called still young, but I won't do things that I don't want people to do to me. Its suck maaaan.

Should we blame the "third party"? What if that third party is also in the "I'm in a relationship" status zone? Who do we blame for the sucky love triangle? Who gets the blame, who gets the emotion protection from the truth?

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