Saturday, January 16, 2010

mehlavee .

Melahvee. Hello bloggie. Miss me fellow readers? :) I know, I know. Been busy, you know. Classes are getting bumpy starts ahead. Busiest days ever. But hey, I am here now.

Here's a little in-depth sarcasm for someone.

OH heyyo. Onto the fourth victim now eyh? OHH please. I mean, you should stop victimizing your fellows. You owe them, a lot. Come on. The world doesn't revolve around you, you know. Get a grip pipsqueak. Live on. Might as well, get your butt of other people's lives. It would give peace to many souls. I bet it would. I know it would. It would give mine a piece of harmony. :))

Jeeez. No questions for that. I just love being sarcastic at times like these. Lalala~

Next, onto the boyfriend. The lovey dovey. He's losing weight. I am jealous much. I wanna lose weight too, but that is just now allowable, because according to the heart-taker, his girlfriend here is plain skinny . . . but I have huge thighs. :( But that's okay. I enjoy the food a lot nowadays. A little bit of fat cells around my arms would be fine. :)

Oh, by the way. There were these two unknown girls who just gets on my nerves, late evening yesterday. You see, I was playing in the pool with the boyfriend, Syafique, and then came this group of four girls. We, as in me and my hero climb up as it was getting late. Two of them enjoyed the water, while the other two just can't keep their eyes off yours truly. Pissed off. I'm like, uggggh. Annoyed much. I tried fighting back their annoying hawk-eyes, but they still hawked around like madd. Uggghh, what is your problem babes? Get a life.

Sheeeesh. Tak sempat la nak cakap congrats to the not-so-newly-couple. Aza and spouse. :D Sorry lah lambat. Busy bee right here. :P

OH, that's it for now. Enjoy life.

ps : I focus a lot on my Syafique ; Heart - Taker Story nowadays. (Click to read) Everything to do with the boyfriend.


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