Friday, March 12, 2010

bitchy bitchy yeah yeah tata .

Well, hello mellow.
Here is one thing I'd like to say in your sorry ass.
You don't get to talk about someone like you did sucker. You don't trash people like that. You don't say that one is too focused on one's love story that they flunked their exams.

No. It doesn't work that way when someone who repeated 4 papers and yet repeats another 1 of the 4, trashes about someone else who took 8 killer papers and repeats half of those killer papers. Unless you score with flying colors, of course I won't be so pissed off. Especially when that particular person is MY boyfriend. I bet you think that being involve in love life results in fatal exam results, you are wrong sucker. Look at you for instant. You're not involve in one, yet you are repeating the same main course paper for the third time. I mean, what does THAT tell you? Look at your friends (if you have any), look at them. They're involve in love life too, and they don't fail like you do. So, make up your own conclusion.

Psssst, here's my conclusion. Love inspires people to work harder. GOT IT?
Like, hello. Get on with your life already. We're sorry for you that you're abso-fuckin'-lutely unlucky in your love-life, just don't ruin ours. By-the-way and for-your-information ; I don't hate you. But I'm beginning to, seeing and hearing you giving my boyfriend a hard time every now and then. He gets pissed off and ruined his mood and directly ruined mine too. Literally. So, back off.

Plus hey, what's with all the negative attention we're getting? Hate you gossipers and haters. Waddefak.


Oooooh, that felt awesome.
Toodles yaww.

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