Sunday, April 25, 2010

i have nothing else to say . . . not !

A story, or two.

Last night went smoothly, after that massive row we had. Not quite as massive as we've had before, but yesterday's fight had really broken my heart. I was in agony, thinking of him. He called last night. I can't believe he did, after being so pissed at me. He was being really nice, and it touched the strings of my fragile little heart. How can he be so calm and called me with pampering names after getting pissed by myself? That, is still a puzzle. So, it went well. He promised he would call back at midnight. I waited, can't really imagine what we would talk about. I scarcely believed that he was gonna bring up the whole noon secret-breaking situation and got really mad at me.

He called again. He was still being nice and made me really nervous. Kept making me think, when is this guy gonna break it down and get really mad. To my own surprise, he just advised me. Not to do that again. "We'll just share everything with each other and not with others." Gosh. You're such an angel Love. We ended up talking on the phone for two straight hours, with me blushing all the way. *Giggles. Mind you, we really went "Eeww" for those so-called-romantic couples, but actually, we're just the same in our own 'romantic' way. LOL. He wished me good luck for my paper and wished me good night. :')

(Terharu dimanjakan sampai begitu sekali oleh boyfriend. :P )

Aza called too. :) Miss you damn much dearest. Thanks for caring and wishing me good luck for my papers. I love you very much.

AIS 280.

I woke up at 5:55 am after battling with my alarm for an hour. The song Fuck You by Lily Allen screamed to my ears and made me screamed "Fak Yu, lemme sleep" back at the singing vibrating phone. Who is to blame? It was only doing its duty to wake me up on time. I got ready and became really anxious. Will I make it? Sayang had asked me to be early because I am prone to be late to exams, every single time! :P Luckily, I was early, by an hour. Geez. Talk about being early. I sat there, all alone while others came in groups of twos or threes. Never mind, I am used to sitting alone. Then, this group who I thought of pretending I don't recognized came screaming my name in front of me, at me. :D

(Walaah. Tak ke terkejut kaw-kaw semua orang? Eheh. Takdela, kan tempat tu bising macam pasar malam.)

Who else than the rather dashing group ; Lynn, Chubee, Dfan, Yana, Syue and not in view, Syaz..

(Weyh korang, ni nama masuk blog lagi :P )

Inside the freakishly huge hall, I felt sick. I felt dizzy. I managed answering all questions before deciding to leave at 10:50 am. Sheeeesh. As I step towards my bag, I spotted Dfan, who apparently, just left the hall two.

Eh, eh, bila kau keluar? Tak nampak pun. HAHA.

My sunshine picked me up and we went for brunch. Ate Nasi Ayam at Ampang. Yum yum. It was nice. Then, we strolled around Pavilion, with me as the innocent Baju Kurung-ed girl. I was asked to behave, since I was wearing Baju Kurung. OK, OK. Behave, I did. We stopped by at Times, the bookstore. As I self-ly claimed, bookstores are my heaven on Earth. Sunshine brought me there, because he knows my passion for books and words. We end up at Relationship Section. I flipped through one book with a poem "Baby, you are. . ." Sunshine recited the oh-so-sweet poem for me, making me all flattery and giddy, there and then. LOL.

Then, he sent me home. :)

Jeez, I love you lah. Only you. I can't imagine myself loving anyone else but you. *Wink.

PS : Yes sweetheart, 9th September would be the ideal date for it.
PSS : Nina's birthday in on 9th November. See? The number 9 seems to revolve around my life, perfectly.

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Anonymous said...

lol.. :) great it worked out.. i wish i have someone like him.. :P