Sunday, April 25, 2010

a wish to be granted .

private getaway :)

Syafique dearest,
Frankly speaking, is it possible if I ask you to reserve a room in our future home together (god willing) for a bulit-in library? It need not be spacious or large, just filled with white shelves around the room, the sliding stairs for me to reach up the books on top, a window large enough for the windy blowing evenings, and two cozy couches with leg rest just for you and me. :)

As you may already know, I am a book addict. I enjoy reading, not that you are not aware of that. Having a built-in library will be the ultimate dream come true (apart from you). Can you imagine, a library only for us, filled with books you and me both love. We would collect and buy books and fill the shelves with them. We would read books together, and I would make you tea with biscuits so you won't get bored. Not only that, it will also be our on private getaway from others. Books, as you may know, releases stress and help ease our mind. Surely we would get tired from work, and a good book will definitely lift up our spirit. :)

Not only that, I will promise (with all my loving heart) that I will keep it tidy and clean at all times. We would share our heaven with guests attending our cozy home. We would teach our own juniors, god willing, to enjoy a good book. :)

So, will you, will you, will you? Will you please grant my oh-so-desperate wish?

PS : Seems crazy, eh? Yes, yes, Imma book crazer.


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