Saturday, May 1, 2010

angry post.

Grrrr. Stupid phone-stealer. Pfft. Why are you so stupid? Got no phone on your own that make you took MY BOYFRIEND'S phone? Sheeesh. He promised he'd pay the price of the phone if you give it back. Around RM 300, I think. Kitorang SMS bebaik, kau buat cikai kan? TAK NAK DUIT KE BODO? Kesian boyfriend aku tau! Even if you sell that phone, it won't cost as much as he would give you dummy!! Don't you know how much that phone holds our precious memories?! We text-ed you nicely, instead, you keep using the phone for god-knows-what. We just want that phone memory! OK, him. But I want it too.

All the memories and pictures and videos and recordings and notes :(
Also, the camera makes me look like I'm in heaven and oh-so-pretty. *Sobs. Ratus-ratus gambar dalam phone diaaaa.

Stupid. Arsehole. Jerk.

Right now, my boyfriend is using Natt's number. Thanks for you concern Natt. :)

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Nina-chan said...

uh OH! hari tu enfon nina pon hilang!! kene curik kat kolej.. sobss sedey sgt.. da ah fon uh wane pink.. uwaaa.. :(( skunk pki fon cikai jer siot toll.. X'(