Thursday, April 22, 2010

it was easy, but it was bad.

MGT 215.

I woke up at 7 am, got ready like a bee and rushed to college. Actually, Momma was rushing and I wore crumpled KPTM shirt with ruined black pants. Huff puff. I called Sayang when I reached Titiwangsa.

E : Hello.
S : Emm, hello.
E : Sayang kat mana?
S : Kat rumah. Baby pergi college tak?
E : Baby kat Titiwangsa. Sayang kat rumah mana?
S : Kat SK. Kenapa tak call tadi?
E : Baby rushing. Sayang dah mandi?
S : Erm, dah? Sayang kejap je.
E : Nanti bawak Baby pergi rumah Lynn boleh?
S : Kenapa?
E : Baby nak gosok baju. :P
S : Ok.

Hee, unbelievable. That's ok. Lynn stays near where Syafique stay in Pandan. To be frank, just one floor away. :)

Met Sayang, and rode away to Pandan Heights. I ironed my crumpled shirt and then his. Tehee. We're a pair. We both wore that orange KPTM uniform. :P Then, I ironed my hair and let the wind blew through them.

S : Dah perasan la tu, rambut kena tiup dengan angin. Tah pape la Baby ni. Heehhh.

BUT you love it right Sayang? Heeeeeeeeee. Then, we started getting serious and studied like two soldiers going to battle.

S : Baby, Decision Making steps.
E : Recognition, diagnosis, selecting, implementing, feedback. (Erk, tak cukup satu.)
S : Centralization is ..........
E : Equity theory tu macam ni .......

Then, he lied down on my lap (manja) and we continued.

E : Ok, ni Expectancy Theory. E to P. P to O. Valence.
S : Oooooh. Hey, kita faham definition je. Japgi nak goreng macam mana?
E : Alaaah, tulis je la apa kita cerita ni.
S : Baby ye la, caiya English.
E : Tah pape la kan Sayang ni. Cepat-cepat. Ulang balik Two Factor Theory.
S : Hygiene factors dengan motivators ............
E : Sayang, power is ........... influence ...............
S : Yang ni mesti masuk ni .....

Finally, we finished our last minute revision at Lynn's house. *Phew. It was already reaching to 1 pm.

L : Darling, taknak makan ke?
E : Nak, nak, jom la, gerak terus.
L : Lisa nak naik dengan Lynn ke, dengan Syafiq?
E : Syafiq. Hehe.

So, we wore our uniforms back and got ready. Suddenly ...

E : Huh. Apesal kipas tiba-tiba berenti Sayang?
S : Black out laaaa.

Lynn went out to check on the fuse box thingy, she went in with a funny worried face.

L : Lisaaaaa. Bukan rumah Lynn je blackout, lif pun blackout.
S : Tunggu kejap. Lif kan ada energy dia sendiri, 5 minit nanti dia on balik.

Ok. So we waited and joked outside the elevator. Few minutes later, we decided to take the stairs. (Lynn is staying at level 15 yawwww) Finally, we reached the ground dengan bontot tonggek. :P Lynn decided to eat Santai, Tesco Ampang. Pfft, I ain't got no helmet with me. AND I had my hair blown by the wind. :D

Nevermind then. We skipped eating together and had our own 'romantic' lunch. Maggi Goreng 2, tapi letak satu pinggan. Heeee, 'romantic'? I know. :P After we ate, we rushed. Huff puff. I couldn't get a seat near him. He sat quite far but we're the only ones with the same outfit. *Wink. So, with all I had, I am confident to take my first paper. I believed that we both had worked our asses off to pass this paper, even if not with flying colors. So, where's my questions? Hit me!

(Sneak peek of the oh-so-scary paper!)

4) Explain what is grapevine? Is grapevine a good thing, or can it cause difficulties in business organizations? How _____________________. (10 marks)

OK peeps. What is grapevine? Gosh. Part A. Oh come on. Critical thinking? I've memorized too much for this. -___- Mind you, there is not even one 'grapevine' word in the case study. I flipped to Part B. OH maaaaaaaaan. Where are all the tough questions? Where are the steps, types, theories I've memorized? All they ask is critical thinking questions about definitions. Yes, of course definition is easy, but I'm a little bit disappointed. :( I've read a lot and NONE came out. OK, one did. 'Span of control' for 5 marks. Whoopee. I left 40 minutes early (I think) and sighed. At least I take the paper. Few minutes later, few girls came out. They laughed at each other nervously and I heard their conversation from a far.

A : Weeeehhh. -__-
B : Aduh. Tah pape laa.
A : Question 4 (refer to the above question) kau jawab?
B : Tak doh. Kau?
A : Tak jugak doh. Heh.

Later after that, Syafique came out. He smiled at me. Without further due, I asked while he is still walking towards me.

E : Sayang, grapevine ape grapevine?
S : Taktau. Yang tu Sayang tak jawab.
E : Baby jawab ______________. (Malu nak cerita.)
S : Sayang takut nak goreng, takut pemeriksa bengang ke tension ke.
E : -___-

grape·vine /ˈgreɪpˌvaɪn/ greyp-vahyn
1. a vine that bears grapes.
2. Also called grapevine telegraph. a person-to-person method of spreading rumors, gossip, information, etc., by informal or unofficial conversation, letter writing, or the like.
3. a private or secret source of information.

After all hustles, Syafique send me home. :) Thanks Sayang. I love you very much. Muah.

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