Saturday, April 24, 2010

so-called girls talk .

I'm in need of help. -___-

Do you have any idea how I feel right now? Have you ever feel like you've trusted someone so hard but she ended up bragging your details to everyone with the sense of humor, every single time. Yes, it must have looked so stupid to trust her again, but what if she's the only person you'd meet occasionally and could be yourself with? I need someone to talk to, apart from my own spouse of course. It does seems irrational, trusting her over and over again. As I said, it happened every time. I mean, yes, you brag with humor, but would you think of the consequences? You just made two loving people quarrel because of that minor detail you blurted out laughing. Sheesh.

So, who is to blame?
Myself? Yes, maybe.
That secret-breaker? Perhaps.
My other half? No. I don't think so.

But seriously, I never would expect her to blabber every single thing and take them like jokes. I had never tell out her secrets to her spouse, thinking of her relationship. I'm just asking for the same thing. :( It was suppose to be 'girls talk' and be forgotten after that. But noooo, that frankly never happen. *Sighs. I'm just torn in halves. Because of her, my own other half is so furious at me he's starting to get pissed with me.

I said 'Thanks' sarcastically.
I received 'Who's this?' in return.

WTF? Well, thanks a lot.

PS : I can't concentrate on my studies. I have AIS 280 tomorrow. :( HELP ME. *Sobs.

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Nina-chan said...

talk to your syg la, sis.. i'm sure he'll understand. n plis dun trust dat girl ever again.. :(