Wednesday, May 26, 2010

mercy .

I'm watching one episode from Mercy, and somehow this episode makes me really really sad. I'm sobbing to myself. :( There are three different stories, but only one touched the deepest of my heart. A couple was preparing to get married when the bride-to-be was hospitalized. She was so into the marriage that she still make arrangements for songs, wedding gown, suit for the wedding from her bed. It was sweet, showing how important the wedding is to her. Then, her doctor came for regular check-up and the groom-to-be said its time to get serious. She get back to bed, the doctor told them her conditions etc etc. Then, the doctor abruptly asked about her stomach. He checked on her, and pressed on the right side of her stomach. She made a ouch-that-hurts face and the doctor said they need to do some tests. So they did. And they found tumor in her ovary. Her nurse was really attached to her, she was with her all the time. She was her only patient. The lady lost hope. She didn't wanna get married. Everything was over. Her oxygen level was low, making it high risks for her operation. Her groom-to-be then just said 'Lets get married, right now.' So they did, in that very hospital. They had cakes, everything was perfect. The husband stayed up with her all night, during their first night of newlyweds, probably the last. The just hugged, and stayed until her nurse came and told them 'It is time.' She had to take off her ring, the husband had to watch the nurse prepare her. :( Its sooooo sad seeing them like that I cried. OHHH, boohoo.

And  I have no idea what happen next, cause the episode ended.

PS : Sensitive.

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Anonymous said...

waaaaa.. i'm soo crying rite now.. sobs! :'(