Sunday, May 23, 2010

you corrupt me, and us. goodbye you.

So, they fought, again. I'm not sure how it resolved though. It lasted few days, made me and my siblings moaned of boredom. The same things, the same issues. We're not the savers type. We sat and listen and talk to each other. At least that's the best we could do. Stick with each other.

I can't story-tell everything to my boyfriend. I mean, he's so busy nowadays. He has got a lot on his mind. His studies, his super duper best-of-the-best number one BFF and so much more. I'm pretty sure I am the last one on his priority list but that's much better than to not be on the list at all, right? I mean, he is now taking a short semester course. Tough paper. Quiz on Monday. His BFF is gonna fly away soon. I think I probably should give them some quality time right? Berjejak kasih~ She's so important to him that he would do literally everything for her. So, who's the priority now? Me, or her? Yeah, I should stop, its his BFF for god sake. He could die without her, like I would without him.

I remembered my boyfriend told me that she would be flying away around my birthday. One thoughtful question though, who would he picked to be with that day? Mind you, my birthday would mark the eleventh month of our relationship. She's his super duper best-of-the-best number one BFF and I am his girlfriend. So, who would he pick? I'll get back to you when the time comes. Just hold on to your seat belts people!

Oh crap. What ever in the world am I rambling about? >.< I really wanna talk out loud with someone. Does anyone wants to fill in the application to be 'the faithful listener' to 'the good listener'? But then, who is a listener to talk? Listeners should listen, not ramble. Listeners should listen, nod or shake their head appropriately, give plentiful opinions. Listeners don't talk, they listen.

Its mind-boggling, thinking no one could ever be a better listener for the listener itself. (I know, it doesn't make sense that way. Who cares?)

Jeez. I better stop all these nonsense. Like really stop. Now.


PS : Inside, I'm glad you won't be around soon. I'm starting to dislike how your presence is starting to corrupt my life, just like your little friends. Adios, chica.

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