Friday, June 11, 2010

america's next top model le cycle 13 .

To be honest, I am addicted to ANTM since the third season. :P I think the show was awesome. Watching those pretty models do the runway walk, taking editorial photos. Geee, and I love Tyra Banks. She is awesome. Then after season 9 I think, I stopped watching cause I did not have much time. The other day, I was watching TV and the ad for ANTM Cycle 13 was up. Guess what? Its for petite girls (like me! :P) I mean, below 5'7 like all those lean tall models. I believe I am just around 5'1 or 5'2. Yes, that short. Boohoo. So, watching cycle 13 really is, GRREEEEAAAT. All the girls were short, and small. :) Yayyy! I love Cycle 13. The first episode, they had to re-create their baby pictures, and I totally love Nicole! She's freaky quiet and acted dumb, but she was awesome. I spoiled myself by going up to ANTM website. *Sobs. I am soooo looking forward to more Cycle 13 episodes. Go petite girls!

Bytheway, it is darn hard to get past the log in page to check the results. Look what they gave me for refreshing millions of times. Pfft. Darn youuu.


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