Friday, June 11, 2010

creepy stalker alert.

AND I am freaking out.

It really scares me, and it pisses my boyfriend off.

Geee, what a major loser! Get a life, please. We have no relationship at all! We have never been in one. You are just too dreamy, too hopeful, its disgusting. You are one pathetic person. Stop doing what you do, because it i annoying. Have respect. Don't waste your life and pathetically hope things go your way. REALITY CHECK! The world does not revolve around you. Things don't just go your way? Well, boohoo. Too bad. Stop being such a loser. GET A MEANINGFUL LIFE.

Aaaaaaaaaaaa, Sayang, Baby betul betul takut. :(

PS: Stalker, kau takde pemikiran yang waras ke? Jangan ganggu hidup aku yang serba lengkap boleh? Kau stalk orang lain, yang lagi tujuh belas tu boleh? Aku tak suka kau anggap aku ada hubungan yang tak pernah 'declare'. AND tolonglah, stop STEALING our photos. Pathetic gila tau.


Anonymous said...

gee~ gross =.="

azzaliena suziantie said...

change my url