Tuesday, June 22, 2010

stop right now, thank you very much.

This few days have been quite a chaos for me.

Head up to college with the Boyfriend. Had the most joyful day, to date. Got free basic driving class from the lover. (Yes, I am that lame~) Grandparents, Tok (my grandma) and Wan (my grandpa) visited and spent the night. I figured that it was them when they trailed my super slowmo driving class back home. Aaaah, shame on me.

Tok and Wan left for Chik's house, Momma's baby sister and spent their night there. Oh, and we (my sisters and I) received early Eid's accessories that Tok bought for us when they went for Umrah few weeks ago. I got a small handbag/big pouch in black which is hot, a white silvery-princess-like hair band which is hot and a shiny bracelet with shiny stones on it. Yayyy. I love them. My sisters got something similar, except their pouches are smaller and kiddy-like and got beads bracelet instead, and their hair band are not silver color like mine. Wee~ All cousins (girls) got the same stuffs too, different colors laaah. Tok always bought us accessories when she went for Umrah. :) So, not much of work on Friday.
By midnight Momma's only brother, Pak Lang with his wife, Chu Chik and kids, Farah, Adam and Mikhael arrived. Everyone pretty much slept after 5 in the morning, because Mikhael vomited several times due to excessive junk food intake. Heee. Pity him. Pak Lang and Chu Chik brought him to see a doctor, I am not sure where. We all slept like pigs after that. LOL.

I woke up by 9. So much of an early riser, eh? Cleaned and helped Momma cooked. Everyone else pretty much wakes up after 11. Heeeee. By noon, it was so chaotic, I am sure if I sneaked out, no one would even bother. :P Anyway, the adults called Achu, the baby aunt, but she won't came here. Hmmmmm. By 3 pm, Tok and Wan came to our place with Chik and her three kids, Aidil, Ai Chang and Baby. We all love Baby, because she is currently the baby of the family. Her husband, Pak Chik takda, working on a Saturday. :( So, count on then, a lot of people were there. Later that evening, Pak Lang sent Chik home while Tok and Wan spent the night at our place.

My sisters went to school accordingly, Tok and Wan left for Baling, and the cousins skipped school. Pak Lang gave me a free cooking class, Gulai Utagha. :P Around 3, Pak Lang took us to Concorde where Chu Chik is doing some training for work and we, the third generation enjoyed the swimming pool. Here is the funny part! But I am too lazy to tell everything. The summary, a bunch of foreigners who seems like they have never seen a swimming pool before went oohh and aaah when us kids swam around and tried to copied us. Heeeeeeee. Seriously, we could not stop laughing when all 13 adults were fascinated by our basic swimming skills. It was hilarious. :) Pak Lang amused us when he did Headstand, and swam backwards, because they tried it too. LOL.
So, its Tuesday now. TODAY! We're going to Concorde again after lunch.. Pak Lang is cooking in the kitchen. :P Hee. He's a great cook, like my own Abah. :)

Waaaaah. Busy much. :D

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