Friday, June 4, 2010

the answer is really right there .

Remember that one particular post where I rambled to myself? Ok, I practically rambled to myself all the time. I am talking about this particular post ;

Yes, that one. I think I know the answer. I mean, who am I kidding? I already know the answer from the very beginning. There is no waaaaay he would pick me over his super duper best-of-the-best number one BFF. Seriously. No kidding. I mean, of all the things he would do for her, and all the things he won't for me. Its pretty much points out who get more attention. :')

Mind boggling eh?

OH yeah, the other day, he got this text from a number he won't pass to me that sounds like this ;

Hi edd its me, hw r u? Natalie want u to knoe that she’ll be going to s’wak this comin’ friday,stayin there fr 2weeks wth her parents. Jus want 2 let u knoe, natalie said she can’t reach u. Busiest beshfren. yaww~ that’s what she said. Flight at 8pm. If wanna go wth us, jus call me kay. :* nite…

Even my boyfriend don't wanna tell me who she was, I already know. Piece of cake. I'm not stupid. I have girlfriend-instincts and I know who to hate, and apparently, my hate choice is ALWAYS right, especially when I made a choice, then finding the evidence in the future.

PS : Its Bitchkien.
PSS : Emotional.
PSSS : I hate sharing.

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aza rsa aza tau sape ;p