Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a bit wee eh?

Heyy. :) You know, I'm in the mood of talking and rambling about my boyfriend. So, if you feel like puking, please, close this window immediately. Having said that, I would like to talk and ramble about my boyfriend, like I said before.

I really love this guy. Yeah, I know it sounds like every typical line a girl would say, but I am really serious. I have never feel like this before, and yes, it sounds . . . typical. Nevertheless, I would like to say that this person is really a dream come true. He's is everything I want, and everything I don't want, in one package, wrapped with a ribbon. The fact that he is, sooooo loving, and lovable makes me love him more, get what I mean? :) Yes? No? Never mind. So, anyway, looking back, it has been a loooong way, and not very easy. We had our ups and downs as well as our perfect moments *giggles*.

I remembered having a deep deep crush on one of my fellow seniors in Microeconomics class. This guy, EhMaGod, just took me by the heart that first notice. :P I liked him so much. Major crush alert! Then, he started noticing me *screams*. He 'teased' me in class, calling out my name repeatedly, making me blush every now and then. Geeeeeeez. One day, he sat next to me in the Student Square area and spoke to me. I swear my heart was gonna burst out any moment and scream at him. Thank god it did not happen. I barely speak back, because I am beyond nervous and excited at the same time. :)

Then, another day, he spoke to me after class, commenting on my Baju Kurung :). I seem like a desperate pathetic stalker right? I know, I am. So, anyway, I ask his phone number (YES people, I stalk him around!!) from one of my Financial Accounting 1 class that very evening, who happens to be one of his, batchmate? Err, yeah, I think so. So, I texted him that day, and we began texting.

One night, he called me for the first time just one week after we started texting. EhMaGod I sound like an unpopular teenage girl getting some attention from the popular guy. He called, I freaked out like maaaaaad but managed to calm myself down and talked to him. I slept with a huge grin. Yayy! We began texting like mad during the holidays, exchanging calls, instant messaging, replying comments. You name it. I am so in love!

One Friday, he called to back off, because 'someone' is ruining his life. OH hell, I cried, to this person I am crushing on.

More, maybe soon?

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